Common Reasons to Seek a Dental Second Opinion

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Not everyone gets it right the first time. The law-of-averages can be helpful for understanding what are common dental second opinions.

Seeking a dental second opinion could be due to human error. Or you might simply feel something is “off” about a diagnosis, the dentist’s demeanor, or the thought, “wow, didn’t expect that cost!”

It is…your health (and your choice)!

Trust is foundational to a general health diagnosis or treatment. The same holds true for dentistry.

Not every dental treatment that your dentist recommends requires questioning or a second opinion.

But there are times when you hear the diagnosis, are presented a treatment plan, and expertise or cost aside - you feel like you should push “pause” and consider your options.

A second opinion is within your rights to choose. Taking advantage of your options doesn’t necessarily mean you lack trust but any doubt you feel is worth a secondary evaluation.

You might ask yourself…

  • Is this dental work really necessary?
  • Is this dentist right for the procedure?
  • Is the fee on par with the treatment plan?

Once you have clarity on these questions, be at ease knowing that seeking a dental second opinion is common.

That said, maybe you’re curious…

Common reasons to seek a second opinion on dental treatment

Something is unclear or confusing about your dental diagnosis

Dental terminology or “dental-speak” can sound serious and thus feel overwhelming. After all, your dentist is a professional and has years of training and experience.

Even so, their language or the narrative around your diagnosis could create confusion. If you’ve listened to them, asked enough questions, and you’re still confused it could be worth seeking the input of another dental provider.

When you’re presented a lengthy treatment plan for dental work

No doubt untreated dental issues can lead to more extensive and costly treatment. Delaying, avoiding, or postponing dental treatment can also lead to an overwhelming diagnosis.

Cost considered, confirm the urgency and timing of your recommended treatment. A second opinion might present you with care alternatives or a phased approach to solving your dental issues.

Seeking assurance that you’re making the right decision about your dental care

A second opinion often provides validation for your hesitancy or the “green light” to proceed with treatment recommendations. Either way, you will likely feel more confident if youPullQuote2ndOpinion discover that the second opinion confirms your thoughts about treatment.

Questions to ask during a dental second opinion

The best results from a second opinion consultation follow a clear explanation of your dental issue and the related treatment specifics you’ve been given.

Beyond the basic diagnostic information be prepared with a few clarifying questions for your second opinion conversation.

  • Do you have enough information from my previous diagnosis?
  • Are you in agreement or do you have an additional/different perspective?
  • Are there treatment options that should be considered?
  • Will my costs be different?
  • Do you provide financial options?
  • Is the treatment urgent or can I do it in phases?
  • Will the treatment solve my problem or will I require additional treatment?

A licensed, qualified dentist will typically not resent you seeking a second opinion. Nor will they discredit your previous dentist for their professional diagnosis.

Entering a second opinion conversation assumes again, that not everyone gets it right the first time (or all the time). Training, experience, and care standards factor into your dentists diagnosis.

If you feel uncomfortable and pressured to comply, perhaps a second opinion is in order. When it’s necessary, you’ll also want to know your options.

Consider a convenient, easy, and potentially cost effective option.

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