Overcome Avoidance and Be More Empowered About Your Dental Health

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Life gives you opportunity to follow the script by doing the expected. Or you can choose to do the unexpected by flipping-the-script.

One area where you can flip-the-script is choosing how to be more empowered about your dental health.

The “script” around dental care for many is avoidance. And if that applies to you - you’re not alone.

Are you among those who put off dental care?

Byte.com surveyed over 1,000 people about dental care.[1] They wanted to know their opinions about the dentist and why they put off their appointments.

An interesting serendipity in their findings was that those living in certain cities procrastinate” more than others. And they discovered that anxiety isn’t the only reason.

Here are what they considered the top dental procrastinators.”

  • “Seven out of ten people do not like going to the dentist.
  • More than three out of five (61%) admitted to purposefully putting off an appointment,…
  • More than half (52%) said they had a bad experience at the dentist.” [2]

And about those procrastinating” cities (if you’re interested)…

  • “…the biggest group of denial procrastinators are living in Las Vegas…
  • Other cities putting off going to the dentist include Miami, Atlanta, Arlington, and Minneapolis.” [3]

Following are the top reasons for dental avoidance:

  • 1-Cost
  • 2-Dental anxiety
  • 3-Not wanting to go
  • 4-Worried about a cavity or needing a procedure
  • 5-No insurance [4]

Perhaps you can identify with one or more of those “dental avoiders.” Whether or not you do, there are solutions that can help you…flip-the-script, so to speak, and do the unexpected.

How to be more empowered about your dental health

View dental care costs as an investment in your health

No doubt, cost can create a barrier to seeing the dentist. Even so, flipping-the-script to a pay now or pay later perspective can help with budgeting for your oral health.

Postponing dental care can have a longterm (and potentially costly) impact. The domino effect can result in tooth and gum issues, tooth loss, and more extensive treatment.

An investment mindset, on the other hand, has the potential to:

  • Keep your teeth and gums healthy
  • Improve your appearance, self-esteem, and overall wellness
  • Prioritize consistent preventive dental care
  • Encourage you to seek alternatives when you lack dental insurance or need payment solutions

Confront anxiety by taking control of your oral health and the dental care experience

Some fear or anxiety is unavoidable and somewhat normal. Knowing it’s common to feel anxiety in large or small measure is motivation to seek available help.

  • Talk to your dentist about your fears and anxiety about dental appointments, dental care, the dental environment.
  • Be open to the solutions your dentist can provide for helping you cope and benefit from dental care.
  • Allow your dentist to create a plan unique to your particular level of dental anxiety.

Enhance your dental care decisions with a lifetime perspective

Available time and timing can affect your decisions about dentistry. Each could be cause to justify making an appointment or postponing one.

A big picture, lifetime perspective on your oral health is good motivation to prioritize it. Sure, you might save some time and costs by putting off a check-up, diagnosis, or treatment - but at what cost in the long run?

A lifetime oral health perspective:

  • Helps you avoid tooth damage and/or disease
  • Encourages you to take advantage of preventive and restorative dental treatment
  • Leads you to consider available solutions for accessing dental care.

One available solution can empower you while addressing those reasons you might be tempted to avoid dental care.

  • Transparent consultations
  • Free scans
  • Convenient, time-saving access to low cost, virtual dental consultations with a licensed dentist
  • Connection to in-person dental care with dentists in your zip code

Be empowered about your dental care with an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution

The Dental.com team of dental professionals are trained to identify, diagnose, and treat any dental condition. From toothaches to second opinions - you’re covered!

  • Access a 24 hour dentist now from your personal, private, and secure account.
  • Select a reason for your visit using a brief questionnaire.
  • Receive virtual dental care from a licensed dentist when you provide your issue details, any photos, and/or dental/health records.

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