What Happens During an Online Dentist Consultation?

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Ready and available. That’s comforting to hear especially when you’re dealing with a dental issue at night, on the weekend, or when traveling.

And when you’re in that situation understanding what happens during an online dentist consultation can be even more assuring.

First things first - why get an online dentist consultation?

Time, location, and other hurdles can prevent you from an in-office dental visit. Timing is often the issue because an oral health condition doesn’t always follow the clock.

For example, seeing an emergency dentist requires availability and proximity. Your tolerance for pain or the severity of your dental issue will determine the next steps you take.

Aside from a dental emergency there’s also the cultural drift towards convenience. You’re perhaps accustomed to accessing a variety of services via digital technology.

However you’re motivated to pursue an online solution, technology is changing access to care. It started with telehealth and now teledentistry is part of the mix.

Consider that, telehealth had 22% growth in 2019 to 80% growth in 2020. [1]. An online dentist consultation is comparable to what you would expect from a telehealth consultation.

Like general health issues there are some limitations with a virtual dental appointment. Even so, not all medical or dental conditions require an in-office visit.

As earlier stated, it’s comforting to know you have an option when you need an emergency dentist or you’re interested in a second opinion prior to recommended dental treatment.

What happens during an online dentist consultation?

Keep in mind that technology is merely the portal used for having a real-time conversation with a dental professional. You and a licensed dentist can discuss your dental condition on a secure, private, HIPAA compliant platform via an internet connection.

  • It’s live!
  • It’s secure!
  • It’s convenient!
  • It’s easy!

With that in mind you can expect your online dentist consultation to provide a solution to your issue. Here’s how the online consultation works.

Start with your condition and related questions

You might have a toothache, experienced a broken tooth, damaged or lost your dental treatment (e.g. a crown, filling, etc), or have an infection or abscess. These conditions can create fear and panic plus pain.

Seeing a dentist now online gives you an opportunity to talk about your dental issue, ask related questions, and begin your journey to relief and a treatment solution.

Provide as much information/data as possible

Current photos, available health records, and previous dental records provides your online dentist with useful information. Private, secure, digital technology enables quick and easy sharing of images, records, and care history.

Some online dentist consultations will provide a useful questionnaire. Question prompts will enable you to inform the dentist with accurate, relevant information about your oral health issue.

Anticipate a diagnosis and treatment plan

Your online dentist will review your provided images and questionnaire information alongside your personal, online dialogue. A licensed dentist is capable and qualified to deliver a diagnosis and a treatment recommendation online.

Receive follow-up instructions and/or treatment in a local dental office

If necessary, your online dentist can refer you to a local dentist for an additional diagnosis. Or they can provide you a treatment plan and recommend a local dentist to provide your treatment.

An online dentist consultation is a convenient first step solution towards immediate dental care and/or a follow-up second opinion to a previous diagnosis.

Receive a convenient, easy, cost-effective online dentist consultation on a dedicated digital platform

The Dental.com team of dental professionals are trained to identify, diagnose, and treat any dental condition. From toothaches to second opinions - you’re covered!

  • Access a 24 hour dentist now from your personal, private, and secure account.
  • Select a reason for your visit using a brief questionnaire.
  • Receive virtual dental care from a licensed dentist when you provide your issue details, any photos, and/or dental/health records.

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