So, What Happens During a Virtual Dental Visit (and What are the Benefits)?

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Do you agree that life is better with options? It helps to be aware of them and informed about what you can expect from your choice.

Such is the case with your oral health and what happens during a virtual dental visit.

Convenience certainly applies here. But alongside the easy access to care there are other benefits too.

First, let’s review…

What is a virtual dental visit?

Basically, a virtual dental visit provides you access to a licensed dentist and their expertise in a secure, digital environment.

  • Your oral health or a specific dental condition can be assessed by the dentist.
  • You can communicate with the dentist about your symptoms.
  • You can receive a diagnosis and determine the next steps for a solution including whether or not an in-person dental appointment is necessary.
  • You can be connected to a local dentist or specialist for necessary treatment and/or follow-up.

Keep in mind that virtual dentistry and teledentistry has been around since the 1990’s. The technology and innovations have expanded to improve care access and communication with a growing number of dental professionals.

And the good news is you can expect the innovation to continue.

  • Access to oral health resources and informational content.
  • Dental examination capabilities that save cost and time.
  • Referral capabilities to assure you’re receiving the best care solution.

The benefits of virtual dentistry and virtual dental visits

The percentage of people who are willing to utilize a virtual dental visit is increasing. As digital technology evolves you can expect that to continue.

Let’s expand on the benefits briefly covered above - starting with what could be considered a dominant benefit.

Convenient, lower cost access to dental care

Making a dental appointment - however you choose to do so - can be easy. That said, following through once the date arrives can be met with hesitancy.

  • Maybe your schedule demands have changed since you made the appointment.
  • Perhaps your initial symptoms have gone away or have become less of a nuisance.
  • Maybe your ability to travel or your proximity to the appointment is causing you to reconsider.

Reasons can vary around delaying or postponing an in-person appointment.

A virtual dental visit provides a practical solution to the above hurdles and then some. With a reliable internet or cellular connection you can:

  • Schedule with an available, licensed dentist online.
  • Connect with and communicate your dental condition to an online dentist on a secure, virtual platform.
  • Share images, scans, your dental records, your medical history, and related information to enable the online dentist to diagnose your dental issue.
  • Receive a treatment recommendation and/or a necessary prescription based on your diagnosis by the online dentist.

Each step is possible from the comfort and convenience of your home, office, or other remote location. And it’s common for a virtual dental visit to require much less time and cost than a standard in-office dental appointment.

Acquire information and educational resources to help improve your oral health

An examination or consultation with an online dentist is a fundamental benefit. There’s also the opportunity to ask questions and receive guidance about a particular oral health issue and/or the resources you can use to improve your dental health.

  • Digital resources on a variety of dental topics can be delivered securely to your smart device or computer.
  • Online specialist referrals can expand the conversation around your questions and treatment solutions.

Experience less anxiety around your dental care

Anxious thoughts and feelings are common with dental appointments. Even so, your initial examination and diagnosis can be accomplished with less anxiety than might be typical with an in-office dental visit.

  • Feel more in control of your dental health from the comfort and convenience of your personal environment via an online connection.
  • Avoid potential noise and distractions by engaging face-to-face with a dentist online.

The platform makes virtual dental visits and their benefits possible.

  • Transparent consultations
  • Free scans
  • Convenient, time-saving access to low cost, virtual dental consultations with a licensed dentist
  • Connection to in-person dental care with dentists in your zip code

Experience the convenience and cost-effective solutions of virtual dental care

The team of dental professionals are trained to identify, diagnose, and treat any dental condition. From toothaches to second opinions - you’re covered!

  • Access a 24 hour dentist now from your personal, private, and secure account.
  • Select a reason for your visit using a brief questionnaire.
  • Receive virtual dental care from a licensed dentist when you provide your issue details, any photos, and/or dental/health records.

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