Why Schedule an Oral Examination and Teeth Cleaning?

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Surprising (or not) is the reality that a percentage of people do not prioritize their dental health. Even so, you might also find it surprising that a simple and routine treatment such as a teeth cleaning could make a major difference.

The American Dental Association (ADA) confirms that 42 percent of Americans don’t visit the dentist. [1] Time, convenience, or neglect could be among the common reasons.DentalVisitPullQuote

Whatever your reasons for postponing or avoiding a dental visit remember that a decision to prioritize preventive care is a beneficial first step.

A professional dental check-up and teeth cleaning is the place to start.

Why an oral examination and teeth cleaning is recommended

Awareness and diagnosis of oral health issues

You are more likely to be aware of toothaches, gum irritation, bleeding gums, and visible tooth damage. Even so, some dental health problems are undetectable unless you allow a licensed dentist to provide an examination.

There are dental conditions that require the trained eye and skill of a dentist.

  • Tooth decay
  • Gingivitis
  • Gum disease
  • Etc

These and other oral health issues could potentially worsen. A dental check-up and teeth cleaning provides your dentist the opportunity to examine your teeth, gums, and tissue for any areas of concern.

Cost and time savings

Early detection of some dental problems can be treated with a minor cost and time investment. An examination and teeth cleaning provides an opportunity to stay ahead of the potential risks.

For example, undiagnosed and untreated tooth decay could require a more costly and time consuming procedure such as a root canal or tooth replacement with a dental implant.

An oral examination and teeth cleaning requires much less time and cost by comparison to what’s considered major dental treatment.

Reduce or eliminate plaque and tartar

Oral bacteria thrive within the plaque that can build-up on your teeth and migrate into your gum tissue. Tartar can form over time on your tooth surfaces and create an unhealthy appearance and other risks.

Regular dental visits and teeth cleanings can eliminate harmful plaque build-up before it develops into tartar.

Avoid bad breath

Bacteria is the culprit for bad breath. Oral bacteria thrives in the areas of your mouth where you miss or do not reach by brushing and flossing.

A professional teeth cleaning can penetrate those hard-to-reach areas and help eliminate the bacteria that causes bad breath.

Monitor and preserve your overall physical health

The connection between your oral health and general health is vital. For example, illnesses such as heart disease are often traced to poor oral health.

Untreated tooth decay allows bacteria to thrive. There’s the potential for oral bacteria to migrate into your blood stream and create other serious bacterial infections within your body.

Routine dental examinations and teeth cleanings help reduce bacterial growth in your mouth. This provides ongoing benefits to your overall health and wellbeing.

Now that you know a few of the key benefits of teeth cleanings you might be interested in knowing what to expect when scheduling an appointment.

What happens during a dental examination and teeth cleaning?

For the most part, a teeth cleaning is a pain-free, non-invasive procedure. There’s no anesthesia involved and the appointment can typically be completed within an hour.

Keep in mind that longer dental visits for a teeth cleaning could be necessary if it’s been awhile since you scheduled one or you have a lot of plaque and tartar build-up.

It is recommended that you schedule your dental examinations and teeth cleanings every six months.

Here’s what to expect during a teeth cleaning appointment:

A thorough dental examination

Depending on when you’ve had x-rays, your dentist could require them to assure that your teeth and gums are healthy. The dentist will check your teeth for decay or any other areas of concern.

Removal of plaque and tartar

Your licensed dental hygienist or dentist will clean your tooth surfaces and around your gum line. This procedure eliminates plaque and helps reduce tartar formation.

Polishing and flossing

Your hygienist will use an instrument to polish your teeth. Polishing will be followed by flossing to extract any plaque or debris between your teeth and gum tissue.

Fluoride application (if applicable)

Some patients prefer and will benefit from fluoride that’s applied to each tooth surface. This treatment is optional (on occasion), although it’s recommended to strengthen and protect your teeth and gums.

Oral health tips and treatment recommendations

Your examination and cleaning could reveal issues that require ongoing monitoring or treatment. You will have opportunity to ask questions and receive information about treatment solutions.

The primary benefit of a routine dental examination and teeth cleaning is prevention. Being consistent with your appointments can help prevent more complex and potentially costly dental treatment.

Preventive dental care solutions are available prior to or between your teeth cleanings. An examination and/or a diagnostic appointment with a licensed, online dentist is an option to consider.

  • Transparent consultations
  • Free scans
  • Convenient, time-saving access to low cost, virtual dental consultations
  • Connection to in-person dental care (such as teeth cleanings) with dentists in your zip code

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