The Importance of Dental Images and Scans to Your Diagnosis and Treatment (And How to Share them Virtually)

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A picture tells a “story.” In some instances that’s certainly true especially as validation for the importance of dental images and scans to your dental health.

And there’s also the consideration for how you can effectively share images remotely with your dentist.

Before we explore the details of how to share dental images virtually, let’s confirm why dental images and scans are an advantage to your oral health care.

The role of dental images and scans in your diagnosis and treatment

Visual accuracy

The “seeing-is-believing” idea holds here. An accurate and insightful diagnosis relies on various forms of visual confirmation.

The most common are X-rays, intra-oral photographs, and 3D and/or AI scans. Each provide your dentist an opportunity to:

  • Visualize your internal tooth, bone, and tissue structure.
  • Identify dental issues that are hidden and not immediately visible.
  • Confirm the details essential to an accurate diagnosis.

X-rays are commonly used to detect cavities, impacted and misaligned teeth, and some bone abnormalities.

Intra-oral images and AI scans can provide a more sub-level perspective for diagnosing gum disease and oral cancer.

The more comprehensive your dentist’s expert perspective via images and scans the more tailored and targeted their diagnosis and relevant treatment planning.

And speaking of treatment planning…

Informed treatment planning

Communicating the extent of your dental condition relies on the support of imaging and scanning technology. Detailed images enable your dentist to create a treatment plan that highlights the expected results and the risks of avoiding or postponing recommended treatment.

  • Treatment complexity can be clarified and explained.
  • Treatment outcomes provide compelling reasons to proceed sooner rather than later.

Compelling patient education

Visual confirmation is often the a-ha moment you need to understand your dentist’s diagnosis. Information revealed through dental images and scans helps explain what your dentist sees and why they emphasize the value of following through on your treatment plan.

Dental imagery is a valuable educational tool.

  • Helps you visualize your condition.
  • Encourages you to ask clarifying questions about your condition.
  • Promotes shared decision-making around your treatment plan.

And you can share dental images virtually…

Virtual dental visits are now a normal and effective option for an initial consultation. The remote option saves time, cost, and is equipped for obtaining and sharing images relative to your dental condition.

A dedicated teledentistry platform provides you an easy and efficient opportunity to communicate with a virtual dentist - including images.

  • Share images securely.
  • Images can be reviewed by your dentist in real-time.
  • Receive a diagnosis and treatment plan without an in-person appointment.

The virtual dental care environment creates a bridge between you and your licensed dental provider. Ask questions, clarify your symptoms, and participate in your treatment discussion.

Dental technology advancements are helping integrate quality dental care with the images required for an accurate diagnosis.

Virtual dentistry solutions provide you an opportunity to access dental expertise and share the visual details essential to your treatment.

Take advantage of the technology to consult with a licensed, online dentist. provides a trusted solution - including the capability to securely share dental images and scans

  • Transparent consultations
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  • Convenient, time-saving access to low cost, virtual dental consultations with a licensed dentist
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