In Case You're Wondering About the Importance of a Teeth Cleaning...

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Think of it as 101-level dental care.

We're talking about why a professional teeth cleaning with a licensed dental hygienist is a recommended routine treatment.

Speaking of why, let's cover what you can expect during the process along with the benefits of a teeth cleaning.

What happens during a teeth cleaning procedure?

Your dentist will likely connect you with a skilled dental hygienist. Their training is comprehensive and focused on the general health of your teeth and gums.

Following are the common steps your hygienist will follow during your in-office appointment.

A brief examination

Your dental hygienist will begin the process by examining your mouth. They will check for any signs of gum disease, infection, or other tooth and gum issues.

If X-rays are needed, your hygienist will obtain images of your teeth and gums to support their examination and provide the dentist with additional information.

Removal of plaque and tartar

Your hygienist has special tools that enable them to carefully remove plaque and tartar build up from the surfaces of your teeth.

This vital step in your professional cleaning is effective in the hard-to-reach areas around your teeth and gums that could be missed during daily brushing and flossing.

Scaling and polishing

Following the removal of plaque and tartar, your hygienist will gently "scale" your teeth. This removes any additional debris.

Next, polish is applied using a special instrument. The polishing process creates a smooth surface on each tooth that helps prevent bacteria from attaching to your teeth.

Fluoride application

In some instances, fluoride could be recommended. Fluoride is proven to strengthen your tooth enamel and provide an additional layer of protection against tooth decay.

The benefits you can expect from a professional teeth cleaning

Gum disease prevention and monitoring

Regular cleanings and examinations by a dental hygienist and dentist removes the primary cause of gum disease - bacteria that thrive within plaque and tartar build up.

Plaque and tartar not removed below your gum line can cause inflammation, infection, and ultimately - gum disease.

Periodontal (gum) disease must be monitored to prevent it from worsening and leading to more serious oral and general health conditions.

Cavity prevention

Plaque and tartar that remains on your teeth can also lead to cavities and tooth decay.

A professional teeth cleaning alongside your at-home dental care helps reduce your cavity risk and other dental conditions that can progress.

Eliminate bad breath

Again, plaque and tartar are the culprits. Food particles trapped between your teeth can cause bad breath.

A professional cleaning removes the common odor sources and helps freshen your breath.

Early detection of oral health issues

Your dental hygienist is trained to identify any abnormalities in your mouth. Infection, signs of gum disease, and oral cancer are among the conditions that make early detection essential.

Systemic health monitoring

Poor oral health can affect more than your teeth and gums. Systemic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory issues can be linked to your oral health.

Good dental hygiene - including routine teeth cleanings - helps protect your teeth and gums while supporting your overall health and wellness.

Consider a professional teeth cleaning to be as fundamental to your oral health as daily brushing and flossing.

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