How to Stay-on-Top-of Your Dental Health

| 5 min read

Like many, you probably juggle a lot of responsibilities. Daily life alone creates a checklist to keep track of.

Add your general and dental health into the mix and its no wonder that the essentials slip through the cracks.

Taking control of your dental health essentials can eliminate one cause of overwhelm. Ongoing awareness about your dental history, your dental insurance coverage, and your available dental care solutions keeps you current and healthy.

Know your dental history

It would make sense that consistent visits to your dentist removes the need to know your care details. Although your dental provider likely has that information available, the greater value is being personally engaged in your dental care.

The more you know, the more aware you will be about past treatment and any current or ongoing issues.

A proactive rather than reactive approach to your oral health enables you and your dentist to make more informed care decisions.

Understand your dental insurance coverage

First and foremost is being clear about whether you have a personal or employer-provided insurance plan that includes coverage for dental visits and related treatment.

Lack of awareness can lead to care costs you weren't prepared for.

It's best that you take responsibility for understanding your dental insurance provisions if you do have coverage.

  • What dental services are covered? Such as routine check-ups, teeth cleanings, etc.
  • What are you annual coverage maximums and deductibles?
  • What dentists and/or care solutions are in your coverage network?

Invest time in reviewing your insurance policy. And familiarize yourself with all inclusions and limitations.

Clear understanding of what's allowed and covered is further encouragement to utilize your available benefits for improving your oral health.

Take advantage of accessible dental care solutions

Knowledge about your dental history and an understanding of your available dental insurance coverage details are essential. But they do not solve the available time or convenience issues relative to your dental care.

Access to a dentist can be limited by your schedule, location, cost, or convenience.

Virtual dental care is a time and cost-effective solution you can take advantage of. Access to an online dentist isn't limited by location or proximity.

Teledentistry technology utilizes available internet access and makes it possible to connect with a dental professional from the comfort of your home, office, or workplace.

Virtual dentists:

  • Provide care consultations, diagnoses, scans, and treatment recommendations.
  • Review available dental images and X-rays.
  • Make referrals to dental specialists
  • Handle dental emergencies and provide next-step care or prescription solutions.

Knowledge, understanding, and convenient access to care solutions enable you to stay on-top-of your oral health without feeling overwhelmed by yet another to-do item.

Take advantage of a convenient, accessible, and cost-effective virtual dental care solution on the platform.

  • Transparent consultations
  • Free scans
  • Convenient, time-saving access to low cost, virtual dental consultations with a licensed dentist
  • Connection to in-person dental care with dentists in your zip code

An online dentist is an effective solution for consistent dental care

The team of dental professionals are trained to identify, diagnose, and treat any dental condition. From toothaches to second opinions - you’re covered!

  • Access a 24 hour dentist now from your personal, private, and secure account.
  • Select a reason for your visit using a brief questionnaire.
  • Receive virtual dental care from a licensed dentist when you provide your issue details, any photos, and/or dental/health records.

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