When Do You Need an Emergency Dentist?

| 5 min read

Speed dial.”

That might seem a bit dated given the touch-screen, clickable lifestyle you live. Yet when you need an emergency dentist quick, on-call access makes sense.

Injury, infection, and trauma are common conditions that qualify for a dental emergency. An experience with any of those conditions overnight, on vacation, or during the weekend can leave you feeling vulnerable.

It’s comforting to know that an emergency dentist is available. And understanding what qualifies as a dental emergency can also boost your confidence.

When it’s time to contact an emergency dentist

Dental emergency services cover a gamut of oral health issues. Most often mouth or tooth pain signals that something needs attention.

Again, it could be the result of an injury, trauma, or a deeper issue such as infection. Common tooth and mouth issues that qualify as a dental emergency can include:

  • Tooth or mouth pain
  • Knocked out or loosened teeth
  • Cracked, chipped, or damaged teeth
  • An oral abscess, severe gum bleeding, and infection
  • A lost, damaged, or displaced dental crown or tooth filling

Pain is your body’s way of communicating that something isn’t right. An emergency dentist can provide relief while getting to the source of your pain or oral health condition.

A dental emergency requires immediate attention. Care is focused on:

  • Stopping the bleeding
  • Reducing or alleviating severe pain
  • Saving your tooth and/or your previous dental treatment (e.g. crown, filling, etc)

The expanding role of the emergency dentist

Dental emergencies don’t occur on-schedule. You’re accustomed to calling a general dentist and hope that their schedule will allow a last-minute appointment.

An after-hours emergency or a dentist’s full schedule can delay relief or treatment.

Online access can solve that.

An emergency dentist online and available increases the potential to see a dentist now!

  • Access an emergency dentist using your available smart device or computer
  • Communicate with an emergency dentist about your condition via a secure, dedicated, online platform
  • Receive an emergency dental consultation in real-time from a trained, licensed dentist
  • Be given a diagnosis and next step treatment options to solve your dental emergency
  • Obtain a prescription (if necessary) to treat or provide relief for your oral health condition
  • Connect with a dentist or designated dental professional for follow-up

This expanded role of emergency dentistry goes beyond an after-hours call to a local dentist. An online emergency dentist is equipped and available as a 24 hour dentist for online dental consultations.

The benefits of an emergency dentist online

Dental emergency visits from the comfort of home

An online emergency dentist provides a convenient and comfortable virtual appointment. Receive a consult and diagnosis for your dental emergency without the cost or hassle of a trip to the hospital or ER.

Prescriptions for your dental conditions

It’s common to require a prescription for a dental emergency or an oral health issue. An emergency dentist online can diagnose and prescribe medication for gum infections, a tooth abscess, dry mouth, and more.

Second opinions and follow-up consultations

You might be unsure or have questions about a dental treatment plan you’ve received. An online emergency dentist can clarify a diagnosis, provide a second opinion, and make treatment recommendations.

Experience an easy and convenient process from start to finish

The Dental.com team of dental professionals are trained to identify, diagnose, and treat any dental condition. From toothaches to second opinions - you’re covered!

  • Access a 24 hour dentist now from your personal, private, and secure account.
  • Select a reason for your visit using a brief questionnaire.
  • Receive virtual dental care from a licensed dentist when you provide your issue details, any photos, and/or dental/health records.

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