Use the State-by-State Data on Dental Visits to Prioritize Your Oral Health

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Depending on the focus, approximately 35% on average might seem like a worthwhile statistic. But when it represents an adult percentage of dental visits by state there could be a cause for concern.

Hold that data related thought for a moment...

In the meantime, the significance of the state by state numbers reveal something about the priority given to dental health. It further raises the present and longterm value of preventive dental care that could save you:

  • Pain
  • Time
  • Costs

Now about those state by state percentages...

Here's the breakdown according to a recent report [1].

"The data was collected as part of the site's '2023 Best & Worst States for Health Care' ranking, which was published July 31.

Here is the percentage of adults who have not visited the dentist int he last year in every state and Washington D.C.:

  • Alabama: 38.6 percent
  • Alaska: 37.6 percent
  • Arizona: 39.3 percent
  • Arkansas: 42.9 percent
  • California: 35.7 percent
  • Colorado: 33.1 percent
  • Connecticut: 27.5 percent
  • Delaware: 36.2 percent
  • District of Columbia: 32.1 percent
  • Florida: 39.5 percent
  • Georgia: 39.5 percent
  • Hawaii: 26.2 percent
  • Idaho: 32.8 percent
  • Illinois: 31.6 percent
  • Indiana: 37.2 percent
  • Iowa: 32.2 percent
  • Kansas: 32.8 percent
  • Kentucky: 42.4 percent
  • Louisiana: 40.7 percent
  • Maine: 34.2 percent
  • Maryland: 34.5 percent
  • Massachusetts: 27.1 percent
  • Michigan: 31.3 percent
  • Minnesota: 30.9 percent
  • Mississippi: 41.7 percent
  • Missouri: 37 percent
  • Montana: 36.2 percent
  • Nebraska: 32.2 percent
  • Nevada: 39.4 percent
  • New Hampshire: 31.3 percent
  • New Jersey: 32.3 percent
  • New Mexico: 36.5 percent
  • New York: 33.8 percent
  • North Carolina: 34.5 percent
  • North Dakota: 33.8 percent
  • Ohio: 34.9 percent
  • Oklahoma: 40.2 percent
  • Oregon: 32.3 percent
  • Pennsylvania: 32.2 percent
  • Rhode Island: 26.1 percent
  • South Carolina: 32 percent
  • South Dakota: 30.7 percent
  • Tennessee: 40.6 percent
  • Texas: 42.6 percent
  • Utah: 26.9 percent
  • Vermont: 32.1 percent
  • Virginia: 30.4 percent
  • Washington: 31 percent
  • West Virginia: 41.8 percent
  • Wisconsin: 28.8 percent
  • Wyoming: 34.7 percent

Those numbers tell a story about how US adults prioritize their dental health. As earlier noted, the data also highlights the bigger picture.

Why preventive dental care (starting with regular dental visits) is vital to your health

Routine dental visits provide you access to three significant benefits.

1-Early detection

An advanced diagnosis of a dental problem often helps makes necessary treatment easier. Your dentist can pinpoint cavities, infection, gum disease, early stage oral cancer, etc.

Remember that undetected dental issues can progress.

  • Ignored or untreated cavities could advance into a root canal.
  • Early stage gum disease (gingivitis) could advance into periodontitis and eventual tooth loss if untreated.

2-Professional preventive care

Brushing and flossing are the fundamental routines you're equipped to do on a daily basis. But your abilities are limited when it comes to eliminating certain oral health risks.

For example, a licensed dental hygienist is trained and equipped to remove the harmful plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth and gum tissue.

There's also an aesthetic advantage to professional preventive care. Routine cleanings and exams help eliminate common issues such as:

  • Yellowing, dingy teeth


  • Bad breath

3-Expert guidance and diagnosis

A licensed dentist is educated and skilled to diagnose and recommend essential dental treatment. Their personalized care helps you prioritize your oral health on a routine basis.

Avoiding dental care can be costly. Regular check-ups and diagnoses provide you potential savings over the long haul.

Additionally, you can also avoid the complications of poor oral health that is often linked to heart disease and diabetes.

Overall, it's preferable that you join the opposite and approximate 60% range of adults who make dental care a priority.

Dental visits are a preventive care strategy that enables you to:

  • Maintain optimum oral health
  • Experience long term cost savings
  • Improve your quality of life

You have options for maintaining consistency with your dental visits. And the solution is simple and easy to access.

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