The Value of Images for Your Dental Diagnosis

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"Seeing is believing…” That phrase might have its limitations but not regarding the value of images for your dental diagnosis.

You might wonder why oral photographs are necessary during a dental visit. The assumption could be that your dentist’s visual examination provides adequate details about your condition.

Although their eyes are trained to see the source of the problem, the accuracy of your diagnosis relies on what the images reveal. X-rays, specialized intra-oral cameras, or technology that enables you to provide images remotely - each are equipped to provide the most accurate diagnosis.

The practical value of images for your dental appointment and diagnosis

Images cover-all-the-bases

Coverage takes the form of documentation. Photos document the intent of your dental visit.

An x-ray, a digital image, or a scan reveals the reason for your recommended treatment. Your dentist will review the images with you and typically following your appointment to confirm their diagnosis.

And should you need proof for insurance or legal purposes, oral images support the diagnosis and treatment that’s recommended.

Images provide necessary talking-points

Communication is an essential part of your dental care. Whether seeing a dentist online or in-office your dental images are part of the conversation.

  • Photos provide a visual confirmation of your condition and/or diagnosis.
  • Photos enhance your understanding about what’s causing your dental issue.
  • Photos can support consultations with specialists and/or dental laboratories (if treatment requires it).

Images educate

Once an image is obtained it becomes part of your dental record. Your dentist can share images with you remotely along with recorded content to educate you about your dental issue or upcoming treatment.

Stored images can also be shared with specialists or other referral sources to bring them up-to-speed on your dental care.

Images maximize your visit with an online dentist

Virtual dental care - including teledentistry - is equipped to provide an optimum patient experience. The use of imaging technology and remote capabilities support your consultation with an online dentist.

  • Images can be obtained in real-time for an on-the-spot diagnosis or triage assistance with a dental emergency.
  • Images previously obtained (e.g. from another dentist or specialist) can be uploaded for review to acquaint an online dentist with your oral health.

DentalImages_PullQuoteDental images tell the story about your specific condition. Seeing leads to the right and best care solution.

An online dentist consultation seeks to duplicate much of the in-office experience. Use of images is part of that process to inform and educate your diagnosis and treatment.

Imaging technology is included when you consult with an online dentist on a dedicated virtual platform

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