Problems to Avoid and Solutions You Can Use for Good Dental Health as a Senior Adult

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“Age is a number.” Perhaps you’ve heard that or maybe said it a few times to remind yourself.

Not only is age a “number,” it’s also a reminder of why good dental health for senior adults is essential.

Your oral health and overall health and well-being have a strong connection. That connection matters significantly as you age.PullQuote_ElderlyDentalCare

Problems you don’t need

There are basic reasons to prioritize your dental health as a senior. Perhaps of ultimate importance is the ability to eat and enjoy your food.

Additionally, you can expect that not prioritizing your oral health can lead to a list of problems you’ll want to avoid.

Tooth decay

Bacteria are the main culprits for the decay you experience. But there’s another cause that can affect your teeth as an older adult - dry mouth.

Saliva provides a level of protection for your teeth and can reduce bacteria growth. A dry mouth condition could enable bacteria to thrive and produce cavities.

As a senior adult your medications can cause dry mouth.

  • Depression medications
  • Asthma medications
  • High blood pressure medications

Awareness of those prescriptions can help your dentist treat dry mouth and reduce your tooth decay risk.

Gum disease

This condition is common among senior adults. It presents in a variety of ways including:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Tooth loss

These results could also indicate that gum disease has advanced. Caring for your teeth and having routine dental examinations can help prevent gum disease.

Tooth loss

Missing teeth is another common dental issue for seniors. The impact on your ability to chew can create nutritional problems.

Oral cancer

Your risk could increase depending on lifestyle factors such as tobacco use. Your dentist can provide a screening during your dental exams for early detection and treatment.

Solutions you can use for good dental health as a senior adult

1-Stay consistent with your dental check-ups and teeth cleanings

Schedule dental visits every six months. Oral examinations and teeth cleanings help prevent dental problems from beginning or worsening.

2-Schedule a dental appointment at the first sign of problem

Dental conditions often worsen if you delay a diagnosis and treatment. Schedule an examination when you notice symptoms such as tooth pain, discomfort, tooth damage, or issues with tooth function.

3-Share your concerns or questions with your dentist

Rely on your dentist’s expertise to help you diagnose a dental issue. Ask questions and consult with your dentist to improve your oral health care routine and to receive the best treatment solution before it worsens or affects your general health.

Again, as a senior adult it’s essential to prioritize the connection between your oral health and overall health.

  • Be aware of the dental problems to avoid.
  • Follow a consistent dental health routine that focuses on preventive care and treatment follow-up.
  • Establish a relationship with a dentist and keep them updated on your medical history.

Aging is inevitable. How you age and the steps you take to remain healthy are up to you.

Dental care is among the keys to aging well. Take advantage of solutions that help you maintain your oral health.

For example, virtual dental care provides you the opportunity to consult with an online dentist. It provides a convenient solution for dental care and/or a follow-up second opinion to a previous diagnosis.

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