Oral Health Consistency is Possible Even During Holiday Travel or Otherwise

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No doubt, you have a lot on your mind during the holiday season. And whether you're staying home or traveling you still must deal with disruptions to your routines.

Unfortunately, your physical health, emotional well-being, and your oral health can be overlooked.

Let's explore the one key to on-the-go dental care during the hectic holidays and some practical tips to help ensure a healthy smile throughout the season.

Consistency comes in travel-size for good reason

We talk a lot about routine when discussing dental care. Why?

Because minor disruptions to your daily oral habits can set in motion a number of dental issues.

That's why consistency is something you'll want to "pack" along with the other items you wouldn't leave home without.

Consistency in your oral health routine can help combat the "big three" issues that result from neglect.

Being consistent with your oral health habits at home or away and during the holidays or otherwise helps ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy and your breath stays fresh.

On-the-go oral health tips for holiday travel or anytime-travel

Pack the "essentials"

Oral care essentials would of course include your toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and (if you choose) mouthwash.

It's more likely that you'll stick with your dental routine if you prioritize these on your packing list.

And another useful "essentials" tip...

Take advantage of those travel-sized dental products. Smaller sized toothpastes and travel toothbrushes comply with airport regulations and simplify your packing.

Use reminders

Holiday activities can occupy a substantial amount of physical, mental, and emotional energy. It's easy to lose track of time and routine when you're enjoying the holidays or travel experiences.

Make practical use of your phone's reminder setting to prompt your dental care. Consistent reminders help you stay on-routine when your off-your-routine-schedule game.

Drink-up (water that is)

Staying hydrated is a common theme worth repeating. Drinking adequate amounts of water is an essential part of your oral health on-the-road or at home.


  • Helps rinse away bacteria and food particles from your teeth and gums
  • Reduces the risk of cavities
  • Promotes gum health
  • Enables you to avoid dry mouth condition

Oral health consistency is a gift that-keeps-on-giving

Holiday travel provides you the opportunity to give and receive gifts. Enjoy the vibes that come with those experiences while also staying consistent with your self-care including your oral health.

Consider it an ongoing gift when you can:

  • Prevent dental issues from occurring
  • Enjoy fresh breath
  • Maintain a healthy and confident smile

Prior to traveling or if an unfortunate dental issue arises on-the-road, take advantage of convenient solution.

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Stay consistent with your oral health at home or on-the-go

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