Consider the Pros and Cons of Dentures Along with Some Common Solutions

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Tooth loss. Thinking about it or experiencing it can be overwhelming.

And while dentures might seem like a last resort there are reasons why dentures are a common choice for tooth replacement.

Perhaps you're considering dentures or curious about the pros and cons. Keep reading and we'll cover some of the common issues associated with dentures and how to solve them.

Why choose dentures as a tooth replacement?

Dentures are somewhat affordable

By comparison to other tooth replacements such as dental implants or a dental bridge, dentures have a cost-effective reputation.

Dentures can improve your appearance

Design innovation has improved the aesthetics of wearing dentures.

  • Modern dentures look natural in your mouth.
  • Denture design enhances your smile and facial features impacted by tooth loss.

Dentures restore your tooth function

Tooth loss can certainly affect what and how you eat. Dentures help restore your food options and your ability to chew the foods you enjoy.

Dentures are easy to maintain

Since dentures are typically removable, cleaning them is much easier.

Dentures can be adapted to your specific condition

A partial or full denture provides treatment flexibility depending on the specifics of your tooth loss. Adjustments and refinements can be made for fit and function.

Those are the common upsides of dentures. But in fairness there are a few downsides associated with dentures (no worries...there are solutions).

What are the common problems with dentures?

Fit and function

Like other parts of your body, your mouth can change over time. The shape of your jaw and mouth structure could naturally impact how your dentures fit.

Speech issues

During the first few weeks of wearing dentures, you might notice difficulty pronouncing certain words.

Food challenges

Some foods such as apples or other foods that require biting-force can be challenging to eat as a denture wearer.

Dry mouth condition

Saliva production could be affected by dentures. A reduction in saliva can create discomfort associated with a dry mouth.

Bone loss in your jaw

Dentures sit on top of your jawbone and gum tissue. Lack of tissue stimulation can cause your bone structure to deteriorate over time.

You might be feel like reconsidering dentures due to these common issues. Even so, there are solutions that can help prevent and correct common denture issues.

Solutions for common denture problems

Regular dental examinations

A routine visit to your dentist or specialist (prosthodontist) will ensure the fit and function of your dentures. A dental professional is equipped to make adjustments, reline, or design a new set of dentures if necessary.

Adapt and train

Noticeable issues with speaking and articulating your words while wearing dentures can be overcome with practice. As you adapt to your dentures you will likely notice your speech improving.

Initial dietary adjustments

Start with soft foods as a new denture wearer. Gradually add more solid foods to your diet as you get accustomed to chewing with your dentures.

Increase saliva production

Over-the-counter solutions are available to treat dry mouth issues. Certain mouthwashes can also help increase saliva production.

Ask your dentist for dry mouth treatment recommendations.

Preserve bone structure

An initial examination prior to a denture fitting can determine if your bone and gum tissue requires additional support. Dental implants can be strategically placed to anchor your denture and preserve your jawbone structure.

Care, maintenance, and supportive products

Handle your dentures carefully when cleaning them. A denture cleaner and a brush with soft bristles is recommended instead of regular toothpaste or a toothbrush.

And if slippage and movement is an issue, there are over-the-counter denture adhesives that can help secure your denture.

Dentures are a cost-effective solution if you have missing teeth. Awareness of the challenges associated with wearing dentures and the available solutions are useful for helping you decide about dentures as a a tooth replacement.

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