5 Common Reasons to See a Dentist Now

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You’ve waited long enough. But perhaps you’re still unsure whether your dental issue requires seeing a dentist.

It can help to know the common reasons to see a dentist now.

A dental emergency doesn’t follow a schedule. There’s some comfort knowing that an emergency dentist is available after-hours, on the weekend, or when you’re away from home.

Is it worth the risk to wait?

Immediate access to a licensed dentist might seem out of reach. You could feel that your dental problem will either go away on its own or you’re concerned about after-hours costs associated with emergency dental care.

Neither concern should prevent you from seeking a dental diagnosis or dental treatment.

  • The risks of delaying treatment can potentially do more harm to your health
  • Treatment costs could increase as a result of avoiding immediate care


  • Seeing a dentist now could be more cost effective than you think.

About those risks - let’s explore some of the common reasons to make the call to an emergency dentist.

Five common reasons it’s a good idea to see a dentist now

1-You’ve lost a tooth

Maybe you were chewing something. Or perhaps you had your tooth knocked out during sports or another accident.

Pain will let know the seriousness of the issue. Even if you’re pain tolerant, timing is everything however or whenever you lose one or more teeth.

  • Make the call and seek instructions about next steps
  • Protect the tooth. Placing it in milk helps.
  • Avoid touching the tooth roots by handling the crown (chewing surface) of the tooth
  • Don’t rinse the tooth
  • Follow the directions of your emergency dentist

2-You’ve broken, chipped, or cracked a tooth

Again, this can happen when chewing or biting down on food, etc. Care timing isn’t as tight as with a lost tooth but it’s essential to reach out to an on-call, licensed dentist.

Damaged teeth might not be painful. But the longterm impact of ignoring the damage can lead to other dental issues or increase treatment costs.

3-You’ve lost a tooth filling, a dental crown, or another dental restoration

The health of your treated tooth, surrounding teeth, and gums rely on replacing a dental restoration. Tooth sensitivity can increase the longer you delay dental care.

  • Call an available dentist
  • Describe your issue and whether you salvaged the filling, crown, etc
  • Follow the next steps recommended by your on-call dentist

4-You’re experiencing a toothache or mouth pain

This is a common reason to communicate with a licensed, 24/7 dentist. The cause will depend on the dentist’s diagnosis but typical causes include:

  • A potential cavity
  • Teeth grinding
  • A fractured tooth
  • Gum tissue irritation or infection

Prior to or until you receive treatment the dentist could recommend a warm water rinse, flossing the area of irritation, and/or an ice pack to reduce any swelling. Over the counter pain medication can also be effective.

5-You have jaw pain

The cause and related pain can indicate the seriousness of this condition. If you suspect a broken jaw, it’s recommended that you contact an emergency dentist asap.

Pain medication and ice for swelling could help with immediate symptoms. Also avoid solid food until you consult with your on-call dentist.

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